Reviewer's Conflict of Intrests

Research articles are reviewed twice once by a national and second time by an international reviewer. The review not only helps the author improve their research expression and method but also helps the editor decide whether to publish an article or not. Reviewer's objectivity is the key element in gaining repute and respect for a research journal.  JIMCA remains committed to ethical research principles and practice and the reviewers are guided to keep the following in mind while reviewing. 

  • The review should be aimed at allowing the author to improve their research manuscript.
  • It is the reviewer's ethical and moral duty to give honest opinion and observations on the basis of their research knowledge and experience.
  • The reviewer must keep their comments considerate, constructive and positive.
  • The reviewers are ethically bound to inform the editor if the given article has any conflict of interest with you or you have biases towards the subject or any personal reservations towards reviewing the work.
  • Articles received are shared intellectual property of the Author and the Editors, and reusing or reproduction of all or some of the article material is copyrights violation.
  • The decision of publishing or otherwise of the article rest with the Chief Editor and the Associate Editor, and where necessary, the Editor may overrule an objective or observation of the reviewer in favor of or against the publishing of an article.