• Errum Ahmed Fatima Jinnah Women University


Verbal abuse, Video art, abuse victims, emotional pain, digital art, Digital Video


The art piece aims to represent the effects of verbal abuse on a person through a Video Art. Video art Installations have become an emerging medium to represent video in a unique and artistic way. When we hear the word “pain” we immediately think about the physical pain. But we often fail to realize that pain doesn’t always have to be physical. It can be in form of psychological wellness and mental wellbeing. One such factor that effects psychological and mental health is “Verbal abuse”. Verbal abuse is when someone uses words to degrade, scare, or demoralize a person. It can happen in any environment and surroundings, and studies show it gets worse and worse with time. I used video art as a medium to depict the effects of verbal abuse on a person. My art piece consisted of a short video on how it effects one’s mind. My video depicted a girl scared and terrified sitting and looking as small as she feels. And a silhouette is shown bigger than the girl with a depressing voice making it as point as to how verbal abuse effects an individual and how powerful it is on its victim. We frequently see in our surroundings that people often pass comments or words with no care about the other person. Which is very irresponsible and careless on their part as to no one knows what can demoralize, trigger or mentally disturb someone. One should always be careful of what they converse or words they use while talking with someone.



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Ahmed, E. 2022. VERBAL ABUSE: A VIDEO ART. Journal of Immersive Media and Creative Arts. 1, 2 (Jan. 2022), 124–131.