Aims & Scope


  • To provide an opportunity to media researchers to publish research on emerging technologies and to evaluate the potential of New Media in terms of content and technology
  • To provide fine artist with a platform to document their artistic practice.
  • To project and promote the developments in the field of digital art practice in Pakistan.


Journal of Immersive Media and Creative Arts aspires to highlight the role of innovative practices in Media and Arts. JIMCA seeks to focus on the gratification and effect research areas of immersive technologies ranging from 360, 360-VR, VR, AR, MR and XR and studies how they are affecting and changing human communication patterns resulting in exponential development.

Creative Art Practice and conventional research has always had difficulty getting along because of the gaps in both domains. This gap started to slowly fill up as the venue of practice-based and practice led researches surfaced and artists were able to give scholarly expression to their artists outpour and be recognized for their innovative contribution towards art practice. This is also helpful for artists associated to academia or involved in the teaching learning process, as the gap between art innovation in art practice and research venues has started to fill up. JIMCA publishes research that bridges the gap in art practice and research publications be it fine arts or digital Arts. At JIMCA, Artist is now able to document and register his contribution to his field using practice-led research expression. Research is being published that is talking about the all creative art field which is giving artist, an expression as they are trying to explain their work for upcoming artists and hence registering their contribution.